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Reading: Editorial: Dialogue and Communication in Film


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Editorial: Dialogue and Communication in Film


Evelina Kazakeviciute

Cardiff University, GB
About Evelina

Evelina Kazakeviciute is a PhD student in the School of Journalism, Media and Culture (JOMEC) at Cardiff University. Her thesis is entitled ‘The Poststructuralist Conception of Communication as Reflected in Jim Jarmusch’s Films’. She is the Coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Film and Visual Culture Research (IFVCR) Network and an editor of JOMEC Journal. Her areas of interest are communication theory, the philosophy of communication, poststructuralism, and film.

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This editorial for a special themed issue of JOMEC Journal gives an overview of the issue contents and introduces the articles, written by Kyle Barrowman, Paul Bowman, Paolo Braga, Evelina Kazakeviciute, Naz Önen and David Sorfa. The issue presents new research and developments relating to the relatively underrepresented areas of dialogue and communication in film. Half of the texts discussed here are language-centred readings of films focused on dialogue; the other half pay particular attention to the representation of different levels of communication, such as speech and writing or intra-communication on screen. It also touches upon broader topics, such as film as a means of communication between the director and the audience. The authors approach their objects of analysis from a variety of perspectives – from ordinary language philosophy to deconstruction. The findings of their studies have both theoretical and practical value: among other discoveries, the authors came up with new critical tools for the analysis of dialogue and communication in film and valuable ideas on how film dialogue can contribute to the movie dramaturgically. Therefore, the research published in this issue might be relevant and of use to dialogue and communication scholars, screenwriters, and filmmakers.

How to Cite: Kazakeviciute, E., 2019. Editorial: Dialogue and Communication in Film. JOMEC Journal, (13), pp.1–10. DOI:
Published on 04 Feb 2019.
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