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Reading: Education as Event: A Conversation with John D. Caputo


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Education as Event: A Conversation with John D. Caputo


John D. Caputo

Syracuse University, US
About John

John D. Caputo, the Watson Professor of Religion Emeritus (Syracuse University) and the Cook Professor of Philosophy Emeritus (Villanova University), writes and lectures in the area of postmodern theory and theology for both academic and general audiences. His latest books are Hoping against Hope: Confessions of a Postmodern Pilgrim (Fortress, 2015), The Folly of God: A Theology of the Unconditional (Polebridge, 2015), The Insistence of God: A Theology of Perhaps (Indiana University Press, 2013), and Truth: Philosophy in Transit (Penguin, 2013). His major books have attempted to persuade us that hermeneutics goes all the way down (Radical Hermeneutics), that Derrida is a thinker to be reckoned with by theology (The Prayers and Tears of Jacques Derrida), and that theology is best served by getting over its love affair with power and authority and embracing what Caputo calls, following St. Paul, The Weakness of God, which won the 2006 AAR book award for works in constructive theology. He has also addressed wider-than-academic audiences in On Religion and What Would Jesus Deconstruct? He has an interest in interacting with church and community activists and has long been interested in Emergent Church. He is currently working on a book entitled Interpretation from the Margins: The Pelican Guide to Postmodern Hermeneutics, which should appear in 2017.

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This interview with John D. Caputo conducted by T. Wilson Dickinson discusses the implications of the event for the philosophy of education. It addresses various aporias the event poses for academic standards, protocols of writing, teaching as formation or transformation, the post-secular, the new technologies, the old versus the new asceticism in the face of the environmental crisis.

How to Cite: Caputo, J.D., 2016. Education as Event: A Conversation with John D. Caputo. JOMEC Journal, (10), pp.5–26. DOI:
Published on 23 Dec 2016.
Peer Reviewed


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