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Reading: Right Wing Populism and Hip Hop Music in Norway


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Right Wing Populism and Hip Hop Music in Norway


Torgeir Uberg Naerland

University of Bergen, NO
About Torgeir
Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Department of Information Science
and Media Studies
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The relationship between the Norwegian cultural field at large and the Norwegian right
wing populist Progress Party has been, and still is, characterized by enduring antagonism.
Norwegian hip hop music is arguably the form of artistic expression through which
antipathy towards the Progress Party (the FRP) is most explicitly articulated. This article
situates this antagonism in the wider political and sociocultural context of Norway. It
further outlines how the practices and aesthetics typical of the Norwegian hip hop scene
facilitate antagonism against the FRP, and how this antagonism plays out in the public
sphere. In conclusion this study discusses these public intersections in light of the FRP’s
populist claim to be victimized by the mainstream media and cultural sector.
How to Cite: Naerland, T.U., 2016. Right Wing Populism and Hip Hop Music in Norway. JOMEC Journal, (9), pp.92–111. DOI:
Published on 01 Jun 2016.
Peer Reviewed


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