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Reading: ‘Criticism’: Notes on the Circulation of Cultural Judgement


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‘Criticism’: Notes on the Circulation of Cultural Judgement


John Corner

Institute of Communication Studies, University of Leeds, GB
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This article explores some aspects of ‘criticism’ as an activity occurring across diverse areas of culture, one which includes both ‘professional’ academic and journalistic reviewing of the arts and increasingly extends to a range of ‘amateur’ bloggers and online discussion threads. It looks at the definition, characteristics and functions of ‘criticism’ as a term indicating practices of interpretation and judgement, located within varying contexts of cultural ‘authority’ and cultural consumption. In exploring factors of change and their implications it refers to recent research in the sociology of culture, journalism studies, film studies and television studies in order to suggest that further attention to the shifting varieties of critical space, critical voice and critical language would be timely and
How to Cite: Corner, J., (2013). ‘Criticism’: Notes on the Circulation of Cultural Judgement. JOMEC Journal. (4), p.None. DOI:
Published on 08 Nov 2013.
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