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Mervi Pantti

University of Helsinki, FI
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This editorial introduces the articles of the special issue Image/Protest . It explains that the articles in the issue consider the production and reproduction of images of protest,
their strategic use by various actors, their representation to wider audiences through various media channels, and their implications in the public realm. These contributions offer a collection of conceptual and analytical perspectives through which to analyse
images related to protest, including ethnographic observation, semiotic analysis, historical/genre analysis and content analysis. The empirical focus of this issue includes different practices of image activism or representation of protest in the media as case
studies: demonstrations in the West Bank, protests against the ban of public nudity in San Francisco, protests around the Canadian tar sands, street battles in Copenhagen
over the forced eviction of Iraqi asylum seekers, online video activism on YouTube, and the visual coverage of Syrian conflict in the mainstream media outlets. The issue offers a wide perspective on the complex media environment in which contemporary protest is made visible, as well as on the diversified media tactics of activists which combine ‘new’ and ‘old’ media.
How to Cite: Pantti, M., 2013. Image/Protest. JOMEC Journal, (4), p.None. DOI:
Published on 01 Nov 2013.
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