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Reading: The BBC – not ‘one of us’


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The BBC – not ‘one of us’


Peter Lee-Wright

Goldsmiths College, University of LondonNone
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Working as a producer in BBC Television throughout the Thatcher regime, making documentaries about issues such as collapsing industries and the jury-less Diplock courts in Northern Ireland, as well as studio programmes and outside broadcasts about local and national politics, I had a unique engagement with Thatcherism. It is my contention that it was the robust radicalism of Thatcherism, challenging any medium that dared oppose her, that enabled the BBC to find its focus in the 1980s.
Keywords: Thatcher BBC radicalism 
How to Cite: Lee-Wright, P., (2013). The BBC – not ‘one of us’. JOMEC Journal. (3), p.None. DOI:
Published on 01 Jun 2013.
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