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Reading: Made in Like Chelsea


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Made in Like Chelsea


John Seed

University of Roehampton, LondonNone
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It would be easy to write off Made in Chelsea as very bad television, the embarrassed and embarrassing exposure of the empty days of a bunch of spoilt metropolitan brats – what Amber, a 19-year old Chelsea socialite, describes as ‘the whole like Chelsea socialite thing’. It is indeed very bad television – crass, vulgar, inept and shameless. It is a kind of anti-psychoanalysis, doing for the haute bourgeoisie what Jeremy Kyle does for the lumpen proletariat. But it may be worth a closer look for what it tells us about contemporary British society and about the beneficiaries of neo-liberalism – those important people whose lives are untouched by the experience of austerity imposed on the rest of us. This article was written in March 2013: the series may well change and continue to change after the time of writing.
How to Cite: Seed, J., 2013. Made in Like Chelsea. JOMEC Journal, (3), p.None. DOI:
Published on 01 Jun 2013.
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